S t o r y t e l l e r
Karl has gathered over 35 years of experience in the screen business. His work commenced as a cinematographer capturing foreign language documentaries in Europe and Asia. As a director and producer, Karl’s work gravitates toward anthropological themes with long-form documentary screen credits across international territories, including the Americas, East and West Europe, Turkey, and Asia. These include films such as “One Child, Two Worlds”, “Siberian Splendor”, “Provencal en Famille”, “Venetian Lions”, “Lost in Lycia”, “The Knight of Rhodes”, and “Sicilian Fireworks”. His work also encompasses commercial filmmaking, music videos, humanitarian and environmental narratives. Karl is an Australian citizen passionate about local and global stories that reflect a connection to place, a sense of identity and the human condition. He is known for integrating cinéma vérité techniques in his work and is committed to the highest screen and sound values, captured with state-of-the-art cinema technology and prime optics.